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TAXCON is a professionally managed firm comprising of experienced professionals who have varied and extensive experience in areas of business consultancy, direct & indirect taxation, regulatory matters, company law, legal services, business structuring, payroll and HR management and allied matters The team consists of distinguished corporate financial/ Regulatory advisors and tax consultants.

Tax Consulting Services

TaxconTax Consulting Services

The Indian tax system has undergone massive revisions in the last decade, posing significant challenges to large and developing firms, particularly those operating worldwide.


The way your company responds to these issues and manages the risk of non-compliance with Indian tax regulations can have a big impact on its ability to survive in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment.


We can help you minimize your tax exposure by immediately identifying the risks involved in this complex law, based on our extensive expertise and understanding of the tax environment in India and throughout the world.


We offer a variety of tax consulting services to assist our clients in reaching their company goals, reducing risk, and increasing their overall performance.


We at Taxcon have over 2 decades of experience in dealing with Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, and GST issues.

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Our Taxation Services

Direct Taxation

Our direct tax consulting services, as well as our creative tax-efficient techniques, are an important element of making sound business decisions. These assist our clients in achieving their objectives.

Indirect Taxation

The administration of indirect taxes such as service tax, excise duty, customs duty, VAT, CST, SVB, and now GST is a difficult process that differs from one state to another. Leave the burden on us.

Payroll Processing

With a contemporary platform and direct connection to payroll professionals, you can have payroll done faster and tax filing done for you, making paying your employees easier than ever before.

What makes us one of the best tax consultants in India?

TAXCON is an organization with a diverse and broad background in areas such as business consulting, direct and indirect taxation, regulatory problems, company law, legal services, business structure, payroll and HR administration, and linked topics.

Trust is our top priority:
When you engage with us, you can be certain that our skilled tax consultants will help you claim the highest tax credits possible, and we will be there for you in all of your tax-related concerns. We believe in building long-term professional relationships based on trust.

Transparent workflow:
When you opt for our tax consultancy services, you can expect open and honest communication. You receive what you want, and the transactions are straightforward. You will not be surprised by hidden details or false information. We value openness and long-term relationships.

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